Frequently Asked Questions

Are reservations needed?
Yes, to secure available times and space for your private party and ride reservations are preferred but please call us for last minute availability . As the premier Fort Lauderdale/Boca Raton and West Palm Beach  airboat adventure rides, booking your tour in ahead of time is best.

Where is the boat ramp?
A map on our website will show you how to get there from I-95.  However if you are still confused please call us and we will be glad to help you or provide an address so you can put in your gps or phone.

Do you provide transportation to the boat ramp?
If you call in advance we can make pick up arrangements to most places in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Transportation fees may vary from $30 to $75 depending where you are located each way. You would need to make transport arrangements at least 2 days in advance with us.

What are your daily ride times?
This is your private ride so as long as we have availability anytime there is daylight.

How many passengers can you fit on one airboat?
1 to 9 depending on the passenger sizes and if it is mixed with kids. Our airboats are custom made to sit up to 4 adults in each row.

Is it a safe for the whole family?
Yes our guides are well experienced at driving airboats and will not take any unnecessary risks. Safety comes first. Children and seniors will enjoy riding on a safe and stable platform provided by our state of the art airboats.

What will we see and experience?
The “River of Grass” or better know as the Everglades are home to birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians and plants. The American alligator is perhaps the most famous of all its creatures. All animals are wild and you will be entering their territory so it is up to them if they want to show themselves.

Bad weather?
Your guide has the last call if he deems weather conditions are too dangerous such as with lightning and may cancel before heading out. Remember safety is first! If the guide decides to return within the first half of the time chartered you will get a full refund. If you are able to complete half your tour then you will be refunded 50%. If time allows you may choose to wait out bad weather at the ramp as Florida showers often tend to clear quickly.

What do we wear on our airboat ride?
Normally in the spring and summer shorts t-shirts flip flops or sneakers. Winter time in south Florida is normally mild however it is 15 degrees cooler on the boat while it is moving so it is a good idea to bring a windbreaker or jacket in the winter time.

Will I get motion sickness or sea sick?
It is extremely rare for anyone to get motion sickness on an airboat as the waves are almost insignificant and the boat stops often during the tour.

What to bring durin our airboat trip?
Sunscreen, adequate clothing to protect you from the sun, cameras.  You generally will not get your shoes and feet wet and the airboat is quite dry.

Are insects a problem?
Most of the time we do not have problems with bugs except around the ramp.  You are welcomed to bring repellent if you wish. While on the water insect bites are very minimal.

What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel anytime but must let us know 48 hours prior or your 50% deposit is not refundable.

Is this a good tour for bird watchers?
Yes this is an excellent way to enjoy many of the birds that make the Everglades their home. Early mornings and late afternoons are best and during winter you may even see several migrating duck species.

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